Dear Destiny,

You are admired when you throw a stranger in my life.

You are praised when that stranger turns into Mr.Favourite.

You are loved when that Mr.Favourite turns out to be the pretty sunshine of my life.

You are glorified when the sunshine had always been there for me even when it drizzled.

You’ve been good to me only for a while.

You are cursed when that sunshine turns into an eclipse.

You know what ??

You must be killed.





EPIC dream

Darkness filled everywhere.My eyes widened to spot the brightness more farer from me.Being in a different place I’ve never been before, with no further delay i stepped further to explore the suprise.Probably that must be the longest walk I’ve ever had.

I could figure out someone’s presence unsure of whom it would be.Adding flavours to my curiosity it was a handsome young hunk.

I saw him even in the darkness.His physic being exposed from his unbuttoned white shirt.I could sensibly see his veins which made my moment breathe taking.His soft hair rubbing his shirt’s collar.He’s looking straight into my eyes that captured my vision over him completely.Along with the chill breeze i felt his scent which was the deepest breathe I’ve ever taken.Seeing him that close to me i moved my fingers to touch his hair.Being so close for our first touch that moment gave a sudden adrenalin rush which thrown me out of my dream filled sleep.

I was breathing so hard as if i won a relay.Was it all a dream? How could it be. I just saw him .Saw him with all my heart. I felt his scent which is still refreshing when thought.It was all a few more distance between our first touch.How could it be a dream?

It took hours for me to get convinced that it’s all a dream.Searching for him with an address that dont even exist.I will be sleeping every day with a hope that you will come again.

Where are you from? 

Where are you now?

Come back to me

Longing for your touch

Starving for breathe

Waiting for you here

All alone

Come back to me

Atleast in another EPIC dream…